More Questionable Marshall Isaacs Found In Michigan

MFI-Miami has found 9 new mortgage assignments allegedly signed by Marshall Isaacs from the law firm of Orlans Associates located in suburban Detroit.  What makes these mortgage assignments interesting is they were all allegedly signed by Marshall Isaacs between December, 2010 through April of 2011.  All of the nearly 500 mortgage assignments and affidavits allegedly signed by Isaacs that MFI-Miami has examined up until this point were all dated prior to June of 2010.

These 9 mortgage assignments all came from a fairly rural county in southwest Michigan near Grand Rapids named Montcalm.  Check them out:

Isaacs Signatures Montcalm2011

Orlans Associates and Isaacs claim to have a signed affidavit and a certification from a handwriting expert claiming these dozen or so variations of Marshall Isaacs’ signature on thousands are really his.  Yet, Orlans refuses to produce it for members of the media or to the Southern District Of Essex County Register of Deeds, John O’Brien who has requested it from Orlans’ Boston affiliate, Orlans Moran.

Orlans also refuses to allow Marshall Isaacs to be interviewed by members of the media.  An Orlans spokesperson told Todd Heywood of the Michigan Messenger earlier this week that, “We don’t subject our employees to that.”

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