Yesterday, I posted an article and video clip from a Lansing, Michigan TV station about how Ingham County Registrar Curtis Hertel, Jr. was investigating fraudulent documents filed in his department allegedly signed by known Robo-Signer, Linda Green, an employee of former LPS subsidiary, DocX.  Matthew Miller from the Lansing State Journal wrote a more in-depth article about it in today’s LSJ.

Some Lansing-area foreclosure papers may be fraudulent

Matthew Miller, Lansing State Journal

The documents stacked in Curtis Hertel Jr.’s office were the basis for five dozen foreclosures.

They were mortgage assignments, documents that transfer the note underlying a mortgage from one institution to another, all prepared by a now-defunct Georgia company called Docx.

And all of them fraudulent, according to Hertel, Ingham County’s register of deeds. The signatures give them away.

Signing as a vice president of American Home Mortgage Servicing, Linda Green’s name has a looping cursive L. Signing as a vice president of Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, it’s rendered as two indecipherable squiggles. She has other signatures besides.

The real Linda Green works for neither company. She was an employee of Docx, a company hired by several major financial institutions to execute mortgage-related documents, a company that, according to a recent report by 60 Minutes, hired workers to do nothing more than sit and sign those documents eight hours a day. In most cases, the names they signed weren’t their own.

“It’s almost embarrassing that they thought they could get away with this,” Hertel said.

Following the 60 Minutes report, he and many other registers of deeds in Michigan went searching for mortgage assignments they’d received from Docx.

Hertel found 60. Eaton County found 40, Clinton 14.

“In Michigan, filing a fraudulent document in my office is a 14-year felony,” Hertel said.

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