Queen Of The Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Martha Anderson Needs To Fire Her Script Writer

oakland county circuit court
Queen Of The Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Martha Anderson

It was quite the contest to find the inaugural recipient of the Home Wrecker of the Week but after watching this person wield the sword of justice like a chimpanzee trying to write a Shakespearian epic, there was absolutely no doubt she deserved the honor.  This judge just recently left the Family Court division of the Oakland County Circuit Court in Michigan. This judge gained quite the reputation of being a real-life version of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.

As a Family Court judge, this Queen of the Oakland County Circuit Court was accused by her sister-in-law, a barrister in Australia and human rights activist, of using her undue influence as an Oakland County judge to get Oakland County Judge Barry Grant to grant an ex-parte order declaring her husband’s mother incompetent. This would allow her husband who had his law license suspended, to become his mother’s guardian.

You can see the video of her sister-in-law’s claim here:


There are also nearly 5 pages of videos and tales dedicated to her wacky courtroom antics on Google.

On February 9, 2011, there were four foreclosure cases that she heard that day with the fourth one being Lynne Lucas, an MFI-Miami client who is currently suffering from small cell carcinoma.

Ms. Lucas was contesting BAC Home Loan Servicing, LP’s foreclosure on her property. The foreclosure was commenced by their law firm, Orlans Associates.

The investigation done by MFI-Miami calls into question the way Orlans Associates handled the foreclosure. During the investigation, last summer and throughout the litigation, BAC Home Loans Servicing contended that they were, in fact, the owner of Ms. Lucas’s mortgage and note. They made this claim up until the time of the Sheriff’s sale.

At that time BAC sold the mortgage and note to Fannie Mae. This claim is supported by the recording of the Sheriff’s Deed by Marshall Isaacs of Orlans Associates in Benzie County, Michigan.

However, four days before the hearing, Ms. Lucas’s legal counsel and MFI-Miami received an affidavit from Shanthi Premachandra, a Litigation Specialist from BAC’s Simi Valley office stating that Countrywide Home Loans who originated the loan sold it to Fannie Mae on April 25, 2005. So if this affidavit is correct then how can BAC sell something they don’t own? Well, the judge wanted to hear none of it and as she ruled in favor of BAC.

Now, I can understand if she was too much of a coward to set precedence, most local judges are. What sets this judge ahead of other finalists was it appeared she was reading from a prepared script. She read from the same section of MCL 600.3205 on all four foreclosure cases that were in front of her regardless if it was relevant. It was apparent this script was prepared at least a week before the hearing because the BAC affidavit was not in her file and Judge Anderson wanted nothing to do with it.  So she either doesn’t care about her job, has a horrible staff, or is just incompetent.

So who is this judge who makes Judge Joe Brown look like Thurgood Marshall?


Oakland County Circuit Judge Martha Anderson.

So what does Judge Anderson win?

A complaint is filed with the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission and news of her judicial incompetence being blasted out for the whole world to see.  She also becomes a finalist in the “Home Wrecker of the Year” in which the recipient receives a trophy shaped like a Bulldozer.

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