This quote from Mayer Morganroth made me laugh because as I wrote about last week, Quicken’s so-called “experts” were nothing more than phone jockeys who pushed product and and took orders in a boiler room type atmosphere.

…the employees were akin to doctors and lawyers, professionals who don’t get overtime.” – Mayer Morganroth, Attorney for Quicken Loans

Ex-Quicken Loans workers seek OT

Ed White, AP via Detroit Free Press

Quicken Loans employees were highly trained sales agents who deserve overtime after “pounding the phones” 60 to 70 hours per week at the online mortgage giant, a lawyer told jurors Tuesday.

A trial in Detroit will determine whether more than 300 people at Michigan and Ohio call centers qualified for overtime under federal law, from spring 2002 through summer 2006. Quicken Loans calls them “mortgage bankers” who advised people about their finances and recommended certain loan programs.

The trial continued Wednesday.

A verdict against the company could cost millions of dollars. Company founder and Chairman Dan Gilbert, who owns the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers, was in the federal courtroom, often passing notes to his legal team during opening statements.

An attorney for the former employees, Paul Lukas, displayed e-mails to the jury to show that Quicken Loans repeatedly referred to its “sales” teams. He explained how the workers sat at computers, made phone calls and tried to get people to agree to a loan and pay $500 to get an application started.

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