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Stratford, Conn. (WTNH) – A man says his 90-year-old mother is being threatened by foreclosure on her Stratford home. He says he is all too willing to pay her debt but claims the bank is the one doing the stonewalling.

“I have the name, the time, the date of everyone that I have spoke with,” John Puchowicz said. “And this thing just continues and continues and continues.”

Puchowicz says he co-signed on a home loan with his brother, the Stratford condo that his mother lives in. His brother defaulted and now John wants to step in and pay it off.

It’s now been ten months and Puchowicz says that even with all the back and forth communication, the bank won’t let him pay off the foreclosure.

“The response that came was notification from their attorneys requesting the court to proceed with immediate foreclosure,” he explained.

News 8 contacted Chase Bank, but they would not discuss personal information.

John has written letters to lawmakers as well as to President Obama and the White House asking for help. He is worried his 90-year-old mother may soon be forced out of her home, and he has been frustrated with the process from the beginning.

“Why when my brother defaulted on the loan, why did they not notify me at that very moment?” Puchowicz continued. “I am a co-signer. I was not notified. Why did they turn it over to the attorneys and force it upon me, all of these legal expenses?”

So far the family says they have not received a response from the White House or President Obama. They say writing the letter was a move of desperation.

They are hoping they can still head this off, but say they expect a foreclosure notice to be tacked to the door any day now.

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