The Shriek From The Groupies Of Brother Neil Garfield’s Traveling Salvation Show Is Deafening

I received a lot of emails from groupies Of Brother Neil Garfield’s Traveling Salvation Show over the weekend and I posted all but one or two.  Most were from people who drank the Neil Garfield Magic Kool-Aid and couldn’t believe there were actually people out there who have different views than Neil Garfield.  Several even made assumptions about my pricing and the way I operate and market MFI-Miami.  All of which are untrue.  One guy named, “Elvis” proposed some crackpot theory that I wrote the article to increase my SEO and to ride Neil’s coat tails.  Truth be told, I’ve only received 2 hits from people googling “Neil Garfield” since Thursday.  I did received 56 site referrals from Foreclosure Hamlet which is a site started by Garfield Groupies. These numbers may seem like a lot but when I receive nearly 2000 readers a day from around the world it really doesn’t impact my SEO.

For the most part most of the people who wrote have their hearts in the right places.  Most of these people claim to be volunteers who have made it their mission in life to help people based on Garfield’s theories.  In all honesty, I can’t blame people for their spirit of volunteerism.   However, I do have to question the expertise of some of them in this area and the information they dispense to others.  Some (not all) feel that because they went through the foreclosure process or they attended a Garfield seminar that somehow this qualifies them as an expert.  Using this logic, one could assume because I watched Speed Racer cartoons as kid, I’m qualified to be in pole position at the Indy 500.   That was the point of the article that most of you missed.

Since many of you claim Neil Garfield has helped countless people save their homes, I have decided to offer this wager:

If Neil Garfield and/or Brad Keiser can provide me proof of 10 pro se litigants who have successfully received a free and clear title to their house using the methods of the Garfield Continuum without an attorney, I will post a retraction, give Neil Garfield a banner ad on this site for 6 months and have a link to the Living Lies website.  If their techniques are as successful as they claim, this should not be a no-brainer.  Living Lies claims to have had 2.1 million readers and by Neil’s own admission at the seminar last May in Orlando, he was tracking 4,500 cases.

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