I found this article on News-Journalonline.com. It deals with a Daytona judge who repremanded an attorney for not showing up for a telephone hearing and wouldn’t return the judge’s call. After having dozens of these snot nosed kids from foreclosure mill law firms not showing up for hearings, Judge Doyle decided enough was enough and ripped this attorney a new one. The judge told the attorney Farzad Milani, “that he would not do his work while (Milani) sits in his office in Fort Lauderdale smoking his Cohiba cigars and drinking his lattes” and then filed a contempt charge against him.

Milani then claimed that the comment, “shows the judge has a racial or ethnic bias.”

Personally, I don’t see the connection but I’m not looking for any excuse I can pull out of my bum to get out of a contempt charge. I also thought this claim of racism is odd coming from an attorney who represents a German Bank that financed the rise of the Third Reich, the building of Auschwitz and has displaced more minority American homeowners with foreclosures than their Wehrmacht Grandfathers did goosestepping across Europe.

Lawyers sought removal after bias complaints
Staff Writer

DAYTONA BEACH — Tensions over how some lawyers from far and wide are handling large numbers of foreclosures for banks came to a head in DeLand on Monday when a veteran judge removed himself from a case after complaints about his comments.

Circuit Judge John Doyle, who has been hearing a growing number of foreclosures in West Volusia since he was assigned the mortgage dispute cases in January, was asked to step aside from the case of Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. suing Vincent Virgilio.

At an earlier hearing, the judge told attorney Farzad Milani, who was representing the bank,….


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