Did A Mortgage Lobbyist Advise Andrew Cuomo During His Mortgage Investigations As AG?

Howard Glaser was brought on to help then-Attorney General Andrew Cuomo on his mortgage industry investigation. Glaser was working for the industry at the same time. Justin Elliott, ProPublica In … [Read more...]

Attorney John M. Schwarz Sings Sayonora To His Gay Obsession With MFI-Miami Associate

Ron Jeremy Wrecking Ball 2

Like A Jilted Lover Who Finally Comes To Their Senses, Schwarz Ends His Moronic Legal Action For the past 9 months I have been writing about gastropod New York Attorney John M. Schwarz hurling … [Read more...]

Are Attorney John M. Schwarz And Convicted Felon Pat Grillo Deceiving Homeowners?

How former clients of John Schwarz describe him

BEWARE: Schwarz's Firm Is Telling Distraught Foreclosure Victims They Are Affiliated With MFI-Miami It appears convicted scam artist and minion of gastropod attorney John M. Schwarz, Pat Grillo, is … [Read more...]

NY State Superintendent of Financial Services Sends Warning To Non-Bank Servicers

Benjamin Lawsky

Benjamin M. Lawsky, Superintendent of Financial Services for the State of New York, delivered remarks on Tuesday at the Mortgage Bankers Association 2014 National Secondary Market Conference  in New … [Read more...]

Have A John Schwarz Story? We Want To Hear From You


Like Old Reruns Of Sheriff Lobo, We Can't Get Enough Of The Train Wreck That Is The Misadventures Of John Schwarz   Stories about John Schwarz and his zany antics echo throughout the Hudson … [Read more...]

Would A Monkey Make A Better Lawyer Than Attorney John M. Schwarz?

How former clients of John Schwarz describe him

Looks Like The Rotund Self Proclaimed MENSA Member May Be Heading Into Round 2 With The NY State Bar   Late last year, I wrote about gastropod New York Attorney John M. Schwarz hurling laptops … [Read more...]

Where Ever There’s Financial Trouble GI Andrew Is There

GI Joe Mobobile Command Unit

Cuomo Dispatches Foreclosure Mobile Command Unit To Long Island Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced today the deployment of the Department of Financial Services’ (DFS) Mobile Command Center (MCC) to … [Read more...]

Westchester County Foreclosures Reach Highest Levels Since 2009

The Westchester County clerk says the number of foreclosures in the county last year was at its highest since 2009. County Clerk Tim Idoni says there were almost 2,700 foreclosures in 2013. "The … [Read more...]

MFI-Miami Opens Wall Street And The Hudson Valley Locations

14 Wall Street

MFI-Miami has opened two new locations to help New York homeowners fight the foreclosure of their homes. Our Wall Street location is on the 20th floor of 14 Wall Street  in the historic Bankers Trust … [Read more...]

NY Family’s Foreclosure Fight Over Unpaid Garbage Fees Brings Changes

City Of Buffalo Foreclosed Over a $442 Unpaid Garbage Fee … [Read more...]