Lawsky & NYDFS Preparing To Battle Deutsche Bank Over Libor Rigging

Benjamin Lawsky

Thousands Of New Yorkers Have Lost Their Homes Because Of Libor Manipulation The Superintendent of the New York State Department of Financial Services, Benjamin Lawsky has joined other U.S. banking … [Read more...]

As Ocwen Downsizes, It Faces Delisting On NYSE

Ocwen Financial is sinking faster than the Titanic

After Unloading nearly $64.4 Billion In Servicing Rights In The Past 45 Days, Ocwen Still Faces Problems Last week on the heals of Ocwen's announcement that it was selling $45 Billion in mortgage … [Read more...]

Is The Sterling National Bank/Hudson Valley Bank Merger In Jeopardy?

Sterling National Bank giving the shake down to its customers

OCC & NYDFS Investigations Into Sterling National Bank's Shenanigans Worry Customers and Share Holders   MFI-Miami has learned that shareholders and deposit holders at Hudson Valley … [Read more...]

John M Schwarz Reprimanded for Cryptic Expressions of Nazi Pride

Like a Nazi with a bull horn, John Schwarz would proclaim his love for Christmas in front of Jewish lawyers and judges.

Grievance Committee Not Amused By Schwarz's Public Proclamations Of Not Being Jewish   "There may be no "T" in Schwarz but there  is definitely a "T" in Putz!" -former Schwarz Associate, … [Read more...]

Did A Foreclosure Referee Get Transferred Because Of Whining Bankers?


This article highlights what goes on behind the scenes in foreclosure courts all over the U.S. Foreclosure mill lawyers use their deep pockets to intimidate judges even in a state like New York that … [Read more...]

Sterling National Bank Complaint Prompts Investigation By NYDFS

money puzzle

New Investigations By Federal Agencies & NYDFS Could Shatter Sterling National Bank's Merger With Hudson Valley Bank Last week, I wrote about how the FDIC and the U.S. Treasury's Office of the … [Read more...]

MBS Trusts Abandon Ocwen Like Rats From A Sinking Ship

Ocwen Financial is sinking faster than the Titanic

Ocwen Under Fire For Mishandling Mortgages They Service Last month the bond holders of 25% Voting Rights in 119 Residential Mortgage Backed Securities Trusts with an original balance of more than … [Read more...]

MFI-Miami Calls On The FDIC To Fast Track Investigations Of Sterling National Bank


Bait & Switch Tactics and Liquidation Of Accounts Are The Everyday Practices Of This “Community” Bank  “I have been in the financial arena a long time and I have never witnessed a bank as … [Read more...]

MetLife Unit To Pay $123.5M Over Alleged Mortgage Violations

Snoopy met life

MetLife Home Loans LLC will pay $123.5 million to resolve alleged FHA mortgage lending violations  MetLife Home Loans LLC has agreed to pay the United States $123.5 million to resolve allegations … [Read more...]

Andrew Cuomo Body Slams Wells Fargo


Wells Fargo Must Pay $4 Million For Credit Card Violations   More Than 1,300 New Yorkers Expected to Receive Restitution Payments Averaging Approximately … [Read more...]