America’s Fattest Governor Gives Fat Tax Break To Wealthiest Constituents

Gov. Christie robbing N.J. homeowners to give to the rich Curt Hamilton and Teresa Stevens-Hamilton, Star-Ledger Gov. Chris Christie is taking $75 million earmarked for New Jersey homeowners and … [Read more...]

N.J. Supreme Court order clarifies foreclosure paperwork for mortgage lenders

Sarah Portlock, The Star-Ledger The state’s chief justice has given financial institutions that are foreclosing on homeowners more direction about how to file proper foreclosure paperwork. The … [Read more...]

NJ Supremes Say Lender Must Be Named In Foreclosure Complaint

Rule In Favor Of Guillaumes David Voreacos and David McLaughlin, Bloomberg New Jersey’s Supreme Court ruled that the lender must be named in documents indicating a bank’s intention to foreclose on a … [Read more...]