AGs to consider investor protections in foreclosure settlement

Jon Prior, Housing Wire If the top five mortgage servicers begin to abuse bond investors under the foreclosure settlement write-downs, the attorneys general would consider some protections, according … [Read more...]

U.S. DOJ Releases Details of Mortgage Settlement…Sort of

The U.S. Department of Justice released copies of the mortgage settlement to the public today.  You can read the complaint and the consent judgments below: Complaint (PDF) Ally Financial Inc. … [Read more...]

HELOCs Escape Mortgage Settlement

Banks Win Big Reprieve Kimberly Miller, Palm Beach Post Bank of America Corp. (BAC), Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC) and three other banks that settled a nationwide probe of foreclosure practices this … [Read more...]

Matt Taibbi Chimes In On Foreclosure Settlement

Why the Foreclosure Deal May Not Be So Hot After All Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone So the foreclosure settlement is through. A few weeks back, I was optimistic about it – I had been worried that it was … [Read more...]

Did The AGs Confuse Action With Motion On Settlement?

Settlement Is Actually A Pot Filled With Promises Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami The day of reckoning is finally here involving the mortgage settlement with the mortgage servicers and the state attorneys … [Read more...]

Will state AGs Sacrifice Grandma’s Pension In Robo-Signing Accord?

Will the Attorneys General Sell Out the Pension Funds? Abigail Caplovitz Field, Huffington Post A shocking aspect of the proposed foreclosure fraud settlement among bailed-out banks, the state … [Read more...]

Donovan And 40 AGs Sellout For A Pittance

More than 40 states to sign foreclosure settlement Jon Prior, Housing Wire More than 40 states will sign a settlement with the top five mortgage servicers over alleged foreclosure abuses that arose … [Read more...]

The Rumors Of A Robo-Signing Agreement Today Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

State AGs faced Monday deadline to join mortgage deal Aruna Viswanatha and Karen Freifeld, Reuters A multi-state mortgage settlement in the works for more than a year will likely be pushed back again … [Read more...]

Why State AGs Feel Pressured To Sign Robo-Signing Settlement

Deal Is Closer for a U.S. Plan on Mortgage Relief SHAILA DEWAN and NELSON D. SCHWARTZ, NY Times With a deadline looming on Monday for state officials to sign onto a landmark multibillion-dollar … [Read more...]

Will Robo-Signing Deal Be A Bigger Disaster Than The 2008 Countrywide Deal?

Mortgage Deal Reached In 2008 Shows Pitfalls To Avoid In Current Settlement Loren Berlin, Huffington Post As states gear up to finalize a national mortgage servicing settlement, some are looking to … [Read more...]