Did Financial Terrorist David Trott Violate Campaign Finance Laws?

Financial Terrorist and Foreclosure Fraudster, El Gringo Bandito, David Trott

Alleged Donations By His Wife And His Children Raise Ethics Questions   "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people … [Read more...]

El Gringo Bandito David Trott Is Having Trouble Buying A Seat In Congress

Financial Terrorist and Foreclosure Fraudster, El Gringo Bandito, David Trott

After Spending $800K Of His Own Money And With 60 Days Before The Primary Trott Is Down 12%     Looks like Congressman Kerry Bentivolio will be playing El Jarabe Tapatio while … [Read more...]

Is BofA Doing To Burt Reynolds What The Rednecks Did To Ned Beatty In Deliverance?

Ned Beatty being humiliated and assaulted in the classic horror flick, Deliverance

Burt Reynolds May Be A Victim Of Foreclosure Fraud On Tuesday, as Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan and Legacy Asset Chief Ron D. Sturzenegger sat high atop the Bank of America Tower in Charlotte, … [Read more...]

OCWEN Is Putting A Gag On Homeowners


Michelle Conlin, Reuters Joseph and Neidin Henard thought they had finally fixed the mortgage that was crushing them. In January, the couple reached a settlement with every company that had a stake … [Read more...]

El Gringo Bandito David Trott Strikes Again With Another Loan Mod Scam

Financial Terrorist David Trott

Angel Garcia Faced Down Mexican Drug Lords And Corrupt Federales. Now He's Forced To Battle Millionaire David Trott   Angel Garcia’s story of coming to America from central Mexico is no … [Read more...]

Architect Of “Too Big To Fail” Attempting To Rewrite History

This man made millions suffer: Tim Geithner’s sorry legacy on housing Forget the book tour designed to polish his legacy. Tim Geithner's record on housing will forever live in infamy David Dayen, … [Read more...]

Massachusetts AG Coakley Threatens To Bitchslap FHFA With Lawsuit

Massachusetts AG Martha Coakley

GSEs in violation of law designed to keep homeowners in homes Ben Lane, Housing Wire Less than one month into the job, and just one day after his first extensive public comments, Federal … [Read more...]

Where Ever There’s Financial Trouble GI Andrew Is There

GI Joe Mobobile Command Unit

Cuomo Dispatches Foreclosure Mobile Command Unit To Long Island Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced today the deployment of the Department of Financial Services’ (DFS) Mobile Command Center (MCC) to … [Read more...]

Palm Beach Court Starts Another Push To Clear Foreclosures


Palm Beach County Chief Judge Jeffrey Colbath is attempting to hasten Palm Beach County’s foreclosure process one more time as previous efforts to streamline the system and the approval of last year’s … [Read more...]

PA Judge Upholds Sale Of Widow’s Home Over $6 Tax Bill

Michael Winter, USA TODAY A Pennsylvania county judge has again ruled against a widow who lost her home because of an unpaid $6.30 interest charge for paying her school taxes late. Beaver County … [Read more...]