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MFI-Miami examines the copies of homeowners’ loan documents from the closing, as well as the lender’s documents, the closing agent’s documents and the appraisal. Unlike our competitors, MFI-Miami looks for more than just HOEPA, RESPA and TILA violations. We search for violations of DFI−Bkg. 43 and DFI−Bkg. 44.   We even check the licensing of the broker to make sure they are in compliance with Statute 224.72(1m). These laws were enacted to protect homeowners and are routinely disregarded by brokers and lenders.

MFI-Miami Warns the White House Not to Provoke a Political Fight With Hispanic Homeowners

Reies Lopez Tijerina Gesturing with Arms Raised

TRAVERSE CITY, MI and DETROIT, MI--(Marketwired - Apr 23, 2013) - On April 23, 2013, Steve Dibert, President of internationally-renowned mortgage investigation firm MFI-Miami, announced that the … [Read more...]

Homeowner Activists Will Be Crushed Under Their Own Weight

Richard Zombeck, Huffington Post Homeowner activists will be crushed under the sheer weight of their gigantic egos; 11 million blogs, websites, and Facebook pages; intellectual dishonesty; Internet … [Read more...]

From The Bowels Of Academia Rises Lady Sterculius

One Of The Most Asinine Editorials On Housing I Have Ever Read Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami Five years ago, most people had never heard of Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard Professor who lectured about consumer … [Read more...]

12 Year-Old Does What Politicians Couldn’t Do – Saves Grandma’s House

Gets Involved After She Gets Blown Off By Clueless Politicians video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Huffington Post After 12-year-old Noah Lamaide saw how the charity he had … [Read more...]

Appeals court applies doctrine of equitable subrogation to uphold foreclosure judgment

Where one party refinances a mortgage loan secured by a home owned by two people, the other party is not immune from foreclosure on the refinanced mortgage. Joe Forward, Legal Writer, State Bar of … [Read more...]

Pssst…Hey Mac, you want some back alley legal advice?


How Real Estate Agents Love Playing Amateur Lawyer Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami  "Short sales are not sales for midgets.  There are no midgets dancing and singing, "We represent the lollipop bank, the … [Read more...]

Wisconsin Appeals court clarifies redemption rights with 2 mortgages

A foreclosing party can cut short a mortgagor’s right to redeem property from 12 months to six if the foreclosing party waives a right to seek a deficiency judgment. When two mortgages exist, … [Read more...]

Wells Fargo Foreclosures Proceed After Data Queried

Dakin Campbell and David Mildenberg, Bloomberg Wells Fargo & Co. is standing by the accuracy of its foreclosure filings and won’t follow competitors in delaying seizures, after an employee … [Read more...]

Foreclose first, ask questions later

Ann Woolner, Bloomberg via The Miami Herald There was a time, not long ago, when having a home of your own signaled stability. It was a stake in a community, a place for individuals to come into … [Read more...]

Are Ambulance Chasers Becoming Foreclosure Chasers?

David Streitfeld, NY Times The recent admission by a major mortgage lender that it had filed dubious foreclosure documents is likely to fuel a furor against hasty foreclosures, which have prompted … [Read more...]