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MFI-Miami examines the copies of homeowners’ loan documents from the closing, as well as the lender’s documents, the closing agent’s documents and the appraisal. Unlike our competitors, MFI-Miami looks for more than just HOEPA, RESPA and TILA violations. We search for violations of Virginia Title 8.9A, 11 and 55.   These laws were enacted to protect homeowners and are routinely disregarded by brokers and lenders.

MFI-Miami Offers 50% Discount For Trott & Trott and Orlans Associates Employees Facing Foreclosure

Former Employees of David Trott and Linda Orlans say working for them is like working in a Dickensian Workhouse

Ironically These Employees Are Being Foreclosed On By The Very People They Work For On December 18, 2013, Steve Dibert, President of MFI-Miami, announced MFI-Miami will be offering it’s … [Read more...]

Federal COA Rulings Could Make 5 Years Of Non-Judicial Fannie/Freddie Foreclosures Unconstitutional

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Ruling Will Throw Non-Judicial Foreclosure States Into Chaos   "This is what I wished for, just isn't how I envisioned it" -Eminem Yesterday's ruling from the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, the … [Read more...]

MFI-Miami Warns the White House Not to Provoke a Political Fight With Hispanic Homeowners

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TRAVERSE CITY, MI and DETROIT, MI--(Marketwired - Apr 23, 2013) - On April 23, 2013, Steve Dibert, President of internationally-renowned mortgage investigation firm MFI-Miami, announced that the … [Read more...]

Homeowner Activists Will Be Crushed Under Their Own Weight

Richard Zombeck, Huffington Post Homeowner activists will be crushed under the sheer weight of their gigantic egos; 11 million blogs, websites, and Facebook pages; intellectual dishonesty; Internet … [Read more...]

One-Time Clinton Extortionist Kathleen Willey Claims She’s A Victim Of Robo-Signing

Matt Drudge Bitch Andrew Breitbart's Website Trumpets Her As A Whistle Blower Of A Global Conspiracy Masterminded By George Soros Jeffery Scott Shapiro, Kathleen Willey, the former … [Read more...]

Is Rick Santorum A Mortgage Fraudster?

Sweetheart Mortgage Deals and Mortgage Assignments Don't Add Up. Bobbi Bowman and Zandy Dudiak, A search of land records for the $2 million Great Falls, VA, home of Republican … [Read more...]

Hurricane Irene Could Mean Foreclosure Windfall For Banks

From the Brevard Times As if the underwater U.S. housing market needed another curve ball, the prospect of billions of dollars in insurance claims on underwater homes could mean a financial and … [Read more...]

Trump Beautifully Outmaneuvers BofA To Help Socialite

Robert Frank, Wall Street Journal In the history of rapid wealth loss, Patricia Kluge stands apart. Once married to one of America's richest men, she won a divorce settlement in 1990 worth more than … [Read more...]

Freddie Mac Fires Shapiro & Burson

Lorraine Mirabella and Jamie Smith Hopkins, The Baltimore Sun Freddie Mac has instructed its mortgage servicers to stop referring foreclosure cases to Shapiro & Burson, the Virginia law firm … [Read more...]

Man Saves Friend’s House Who Was Scammed By Miami Lawyer

Laura Bassett, Huffington Post Lee Castillo, 34, is an IT systems engineer with zero experience in the mortgage industry.  But when he found out that his friend had been scammed by a loan … [Read more...]