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MFI-Miami examines the copies of homeowners’ loan documents from the closing, as well as the lender’s documents, the closing agent’s documents and the appraisal. Unlike our competitors, MFI-Miami looks for more than just HOEPA, RESPA and TILA violations. We search for violations of MCL 445.1634, 445.1636 and 445.1637.   These laws were enacted to protect homeowners and are routinely disregarded by brokers and lenders.

White Plutocrat Turned Congressman Blasts Out Generic Message Honoring MLK


I Received This In My Email Today From Financial Terrorist Turned Congressman David Trott   I received this press release today from financial terrorist turned Congressman David Trott and … [Read more...]

New Michigan Law Could Stop 20,000 Detroit Tax Foreclosures

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

Law Signed Last Week By Rick Snyder Makes It Easier for Counties and Homeowners To Play "Let's Make A Deal" Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed a series of bills into law last week that will make … [Read more...]

Imbecile Michigan Judge Finally Calls It Quits

It’s pretty hard to be deemed incompetent and crooked but 86th District Court Judge Michael Haley pulls it off.

Growing Tired Of People Questioning His Competence And Ethics Due An MFI-Miami Article, Michael Haley Finally Throws In The Towel   Northern Michigan's favorite wannabe Lionel Hutz turned … [Read more...]

Michigan Bridges Falling Down, My Dear Snyder


The GOP dominated Michigan Legislature is preparing to con(vince) voters into jacking up Michigan's sales tax by 16.67% to fix Michigan's crumbling infrastructure with a special low turnout May … [Read more...]

Convicted Mortgage Fraud Kingpin Attempts Shawshank Style Prison Break

Convicted mortgage fraud kingpin with one of his paid stripper friends

Except Ronnie Duke Quickly Learns He's No Andy Dufresne   Ronnie Duke, the habitual criminal who rose to become the  the stripper-employing kingpin of a multi-million dollar mortgage … [Read more...]

GOP Controlled Michigan Legislature Forces Kids To Walk Across Jimmy Rigged Freeway Overpasses

5 Mile & Southfield Overpass2

MDOT Uses Chicken Wire & 2x4s For Handrails & Fencing   Some overpasses in Detroit are in such dreadful shape that MDOT has installed sheets of plywood between the beams to protect … [Read more...]

Disabled Combat Vets Discriminated Against In Posh Detroit Suburb


Now The Vets Have Sued Oakland Township Claiming Its Using Zoning Laws to keep Vets And Other Disabled Residents From Moving In   A developer and a group of Disabled Combat Veterans have … [Read more...]

GOP Michigan House Passes Bill That Would Legalize Christian Persecution


If HB5958 Becomes Law It Would Allow People To Randomly Discriminate Against Whomever They Want For Religious Reasons   “I support individual liberty and I support religious freedom. I have … [Read more...]

A Record 62K Detroit Properties Owing $326M In Taxes Going To Auction In 2015


Last month, employees at the Wayne County Treasurer's Office began notifying 62,000 property owners in Detroit that the county plans to auction off the property in the fall 2015 if owners don't pay … [Read more...]

Detroit’s Squatter Pandemic Is Chasing Away Millions In RE Investment


Detroit Is Favoring Squatters Over Investors Who Want To Improve The City's Neighborhoods For the past year, the number of emails I receive from real estate investors in Detroit telling me their … [Read more...]