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MFI-Miami examines the copies of homeowners’ loan documents from the closing, as well as the lender’s documents, the closing agent’s documents and the appraisal. Unlike our competitors, MFI-Miami looks for more than just HOEPA, RESPA and TILA violations. We search for violations of Chapter 688 of the Banking Law of Connecticut and violations of Chapter 735a of the Connecticut Code.  We also look for UCC violations. These laws were enacted to protect Connecticut homeowners and are routinely disregarded by brokers and lenders.

MFI-Miami Warns the White House Not to Provoke a Political Fight With Hispanic Homeowners

Reies Lopez Tijerina Gesturing with Arms Raised

TRAVERSE CITY, MI and DETROIT, MI--(Marketwired - Apr 23, 2013) - On April 23, 2013, Steve Dibert, President of internationally-renowned mortgage investigation firm MFI-Miami, announced that the … [Read more...]

CT Couple Claims BofA Would Only Modify Mortgage If They Kept Quiet About It

Susan Misur, New Haven Register Ronni and George Mandell won’t go out with a whimper in the fight to keep their home. And they say because of that, Bank of America won’t modify their mortgage terms … [Read more...]

Small Community Bank To Evict Realtor, Her Elderly Mom and Dying Brother

Ridgefield Bank wins Auction of Ruth Jones New Canaan McMansion: Forcing Vacate Teri Buhl, This article originally appeared on 9/12/12 in New Canaan’s queen of … [Read more...]

New Canaan Realtor Loses Multi-Million Dollar Fight Against Bank

New Canaan Realtor Ruth Jones McMansion up for Bankruptcy Auction Next Week Teri Buhl, This article originally appeared on Teri Buhl's website, on 9/7/2012 New Canaan … [Read more...]

Scammer Pleads Guilty

Paul Bass, New Haven Independent A young entrepreneur who struck it rich in New Haven real estate in his early 20s only to land in federal investigators’ crosshairs admitted to a judge that he broke … [Read more...]

Libertarian Candidate Wants To Make Robo-signing Campaign Issue

James Mosher, Norwich Bulletin “Fraudulent” foreclosure documents are being used widely to force people from their homes and the issue needs to be addressed in this fall’s political campaign, says … [Read more...]

Homeowner Activists Will Be Crushed Under Their Own Weight

Richard Zombeck, Huffington Post Homeowner activists will be crushed under the sheer weight of their gigantic egos; 11 million blogs, websites, and Facebook pages; intellectual dishonesty; Internet … [Read more...]

From The Bowels Of Academia Rises Lady Sterculius

One Of The Most Asinine Editorials On Housing I Have Ever Read Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami Five years ago, most people had never heard of Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard Professor who lectured about consumer … [Read more...]

Hurricane Irene Could Mean Foreclosure Windfall For Banks

From the Brevard Times As if the underwater U.S. housing market needed another curve ball, the prospect of billions of dollars in insurance claims on underwater homes could mean a financial and … [Read more...]

Conn. AG strikes deal with Wells Fargo over pick-a-payment mortgages

Jon Prior, Housing Wire Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen reached an agreement with Wells Fargo over allegedly deceptive marketing practices of adjustable-rate mortgages written … [Read more...]