Indiana Governor To Start GOP Version Of Pravda With Indiana Tax Dollars

Pravda with Lenin

Mike Pence Models It After Soviet Era Propaganda Service   Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) is starting a taxpayer funded state-run news agency that will offer pre-written stories to news outlets … [Read more...]

California Settles With OCWEN For A Meager $2.5 Million


Ocwen May Have Dodged A Bullet From California But More Trouble Is In Sight   On Friday, California's Department of Business Oversight said Friday that it will drop its effort to suspend … [Read more...]

4 Bankers Get Slapped By A Woman In Massachusetts

woman slapping man

Four Banks Reach $2.7 Million Settlement With Massachusetts AG Martha Coakley Over Foreclosure Violations   As her parting gift to the people of Massachusetts, outgoing Attorney General Martha … [Read more...]

White Plutocrat Turned Congressman Blasts Out Generic Message Honoring MLK


I Received This In My Email Today From Financial Terrorist Turned Congressman David Trott   I received this press release today from financial terrorist turned Congressman David Trott and … [Read more...]

New Michigan Law Could Stop 20,000 Detroit Tax Foreclosures

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

Law Signed Last Week By Rick Snyder Makes It Easier for Counties and Homeowners To Play "Let's Make A Deal" Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed a series of bills into law last week that will make … [Read more...]

Is OCWEN The Titanic Of Mortgage Servicing?

Ocwen Financial is sinking faster than the Titanic

The Stock Of Once Mighty OCWEN Is Now 13% of It's All Time High   In case you missed it, free lance writer, David Dayen, whose work has appeared in New Republic and Salon, wrote a great piece … [Read more...]

California Looking To Boot OCWEN Out Of State

monopoly guy getting booted

Fight With California Could Be More Damaging Than NYDFS Fight     As OCWEN executives and shareholders begin to breathe a sigh of relief now that OCWEN has settled with the state of New … [Read more...]

Imbecile Michigan Judge Finally Calls It Quits

It’s pretty hard to be deemed incompetent and crooked but 86th District Court Judge Michael Haley pulls it off.

Growing Tired Of People Questioning His Competence And Ethics Due An MFI-Miami Article, Michael Haley Finally Throws In The Towel   Northern Michigan's favorite wannabe Lionel Hutz turned … [Read more...]

Predatory Payday Lender Dodging GOP Bill Collectors

Mr. Monopoly broke

Predatory Payday Lender OCN Owes GOP Lobbyist Over $500K For Lobbying Congress   Payday lender, Online Consumer Network or OCN who is known for their aggressive collection efforts against their … [Read more...]

Florida County To Investigate Mortgage Document Fraud

Greedy Business Partners

1st Step In Crackdown Against Foreclosure Mills Committing Fraud   Osceola County Clerk of the Courts in suburban Orlando has begun reviewing mortgage and foreclosure filings looking for … [Read more...]