Bozo De Blasio Hires Convicted Mortgage Scammer As NYC’s Ebola Cleanup Czar

Sal Pane's mugshot from 2009 after being pulled over for drunk driving and claiming to be on the staff of the Nassau County DA's office

Sal Pane Served Time In Prison And Was Ordered To Pay Millions In Restitution When New York City needed someone to disinfect the apartment of Ebola patient, Dr. Craig Spencer, they found someone … [Read more...]

NJ Homeowner Beats SLS &BNY-Mellon Gets House Free & Clear


Oops! SLS Misses New Jersey's Six Year Statute of Limitations   "The debtor retains the property, free of any claim of the defendants...The court will proceed to gargle in an effort to remove … [Read more...]

Why Are We Still Accepting Excuses From Bankers After They Screw People?

RBS London

Channel 4 Presenter Paul Mason has had enough and asks that very question in front of the RBS Building in London. … [Read more...]

Mass Hunger Strike Underway In Fort Lauderdale

jillian Pim

700 People Join Julian Pim In Mass Hunger Strike To Protest The Ft. Lauderdale's Homeless Hate Law   By now, you might have heard about Arnold Abbott the 90-year-old World War II veteran … [Read more...]

Vito Corleone’s New York Mansion On The Market For $2.89 Million


English Tudor Home On Staten Island Was Used In The Godfather The lucky person who ponies up the $2.89 million price tag for the sprawling mansion at 110 Longfellow Ave. on Emerson Hill in Staten … [Read more...]

Indie Newspaper Stands Up To Detroit Demigod Dan Gilbert

Dan Gilbert

As Mainstream Media Treats Dan Gilbert Like A White Jesus, The Metro Times Detroit Asks, "What kind of track record does Quicken Loans really have in Detroit?  Ryan Felton, Metro Times Detroit On … [Read more...]

NYDFS Director Lawsky Tells Governor Cuomo, “Take This Job An Shove it!”


Homeowners' Voice In Albany To Resign In January The New York Daily News published a story on Monday stating that several key people in New York Governor Anderw Cuomo's administration will be … [Read more...]

Newly Elected Blind Supreme Court Justice Makes You Believe Justice Is Still Alive

Richard_Bernstein Color

Newly Elected Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein Gives The Best Campaign Speech You Never Heard   “We want to connect with people. We want to serve with people. Yes, this election … [Read more...]

Banks Urge Investors To Buy For-Profit College Stocks


Finance Industry Expects GOP Controlled Congress To Loosen Lending Guidelines For For-Profit Colleges and Universities   “I honestly don’t think that Wall Street really cares about gainful … [Read more...]

Buyer Finds 3 Year Old Corpse Of Previous Owner In New Home


Neighbors In Florida Suburb Were Unaware The Elderly Woman Died   The front door was locked with four dead bolts to Carmen Garcia-Viso's home at 1130 SE 19th Lane in Cape Coral, Florida. As the … [Read more...]