Foreclosure Defense Firm Claims CFPB Rule Violations

Samantha Joseph, Daily Business Review A Miami foreclosure defense law firm is gearing up to take on lenders that it claims are violating federal mortgage servicing rules issued in January. Jacobs … [Read more...]

Bozo De Blasio Hires Convicted Mortgage Scammer As NYC’s Ebola Cleanup Czar

Sal Pane's mugshot from 2009 after being pulled over for drunk driving and claiming to be on the staff of the Nassau County DA's office

Sal Pane Served Time In Prison And Was Ordered To Pay Millions In Restitution When New York City needed someone to disinfect the apartment of Ebola patient, Dr. Craig Spencer, they found someone … [Read more...]

Convicted MI Supreme Court Justice Wants Out Of Camp Cupcake

Former Michigan Supreme Justice Diane Hathaway, her husband and attorney walking out of Federal Court

Hathaway Probably Regrets Not Fighting Allegations By US Attorney Barbara McQuade Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway, who confessed to bank fraud while negotiating the short sale … [Read more...]

FHA Mandated Wall To Keep Blacks Out Now A Half Mile Mural Of Hope


It was the U.S. Government's Version Of Apartheid   Growing up in the white Detroit suburbs in the 1970s and 1980s, I had never heard of the Birwood Wall until I was in mortgage lending about … [Read more...]

Dethroned Boy Kingpin Of Detroit Strip Clubs Arrested For Mortgage Fraud

stripper on a pole

Attorneys for the U.S. Attorney's Office allege Bilal Haidar now 27,  lied about having a job and bank account on a mortgage application for nearly $742,000. The FBI says  Haidar lied on the mortgage … [Read more...]

Retired MI Supreme Court Justice To Write Tell-All Book About Backroom Deal Making And Corruption On Court

Betty Weaver

Former Justice Betty Weaver Accuses Former and Current Chief Justices of Unethical Behavior   "These were deals, and I wouldn't make the deals. The majority of four simply were not liking … [Read more...]

State Tax Board To Investigate City Of Detroit For Overcharging On Property Taxes

Boarded up homes

Adjustments Could Cost City $35-$40 Million A Year In Ill-Gotten Property Tax Revenues   One of things that pissed me off when Detroit Cancer Mom, Kelly Parker and I were battling to keep … [Read more...]

Ex-Deutsche Bank Banker Claims German Bank Violated Sarbanes-Oxley

Claims He Got Sacked For Reporting It To Superiors Joseph Ax, Reuters A former employee sued Deutsche Bank AG (DBKGn.DE) on Wednesday, claiming he was fired for speaking out and accusing the bank of … [Read more...]

How Many Billions Must A Bank Launder Before You Call It A Crime?…

Terrorist Nahr Al-Bared shows off his free Quran he received for opening a money market account at HSBC

The Answer My Friend Is Blowin' In The Wind   "HSBC isn't needed here and has nothing to offer other than unique gigantism as a scofflaw." -Andrew Kahr, American Banker For nearly nine … [Read more...]

CFTC Orders RBS & Japanese Affiliate To Pay $325 Million Penalty

From the CFTC With this Order, the CFTC has now imposed penalties of more than $1.2 billion on banks for manipulative conduct with respect to LIBOR and other benchmark interest rates Washington, … [Read more...]