Billionaire Investors Rejoice As CIT and OneWest Are Set to Merge

MICHAEL J. DE LA MERCED, NY Times Five years ago, after the mortgage market had imploded, a group of investors — including the billionaire hedge fund managers George Soros and John A. Paulson — … [Read more...]

The SEC Puts Teeth Into Dodd-Frank To Protect Whistleblowers

Erika Kelton, Forbes For the past two years, Securities and Exchange Commission officials have frequently stated that the SEC won’t tolerate retaliation against whistleblowers who report suspected … [Read more...]

CNBC Promotes Video Of Host Rick Santelli Having Nonsensical And Idiotic Rant


Santelli Who Hasn't Made An Accurate Prediction In Over A Decade Goes Ape Shit When Other Hosts Call Him Out  CNBC talking head Rick Santelli goes on a epic rant about Janet Yellin and Fed policy. … [Read more...]

Architect Of “Too Big To Fail” Attempting To Rewrite History

This man made millions suffer: Tim Geithner’s sorry legacy on housing Forget the book tour designed to polish his legacy. Tim Geithner's record on housing will forever live in infamy David Dayen, … [Read more...]

Jamie Dimon’s Maiden Lane Morality Squad Expands Crusade Against Adult Entertainers

Jamie Dimon Porn

JPMorgan Chase Begins Closing Accounts Of People Employed In The Adult Entertainment Industry JPMorgan Chase made headlines in finance media last year when it refused to give long time Chase … [Read more...]

Faulty MBS Lawsuit Against Wells Fargo Can Proceed

Brenna Swanson, Housing Wire A lawsuit over an alleged $1.5 billion subprime mortgage-backed securities fraud scheme against Wells Fargo (WFC) and Fortis Securities cleared a significant hurdle … [Read more...]

TD Bank AKA “America’s Most Convenient Bank” Charges $15 To Cash Checks


Don't Be Fooled, Canadian Banks Are Greedier than U.S. Banks   Last month you read on MFI-Miami how Canadian owned TD Bank was openly discriminating against atheists here in the U.S. Now word … [Read more...]

Canadian Owned TD Bank AKA “America’s Most Convenient Bank” Refuses Service To Atheist

Boycott Canada

BREAKING: An important message from American Atheists Managing Director, Amanda Knief: I was just refused service -- because I am an atheist. It was embarrassing, humiliating, and pissed me off. A … [Read more...]

Convicted White-Collar Criminal Writes Crime Manual And Gets 10 More Years

Tony Hanson, CBS Philadelphia A 36-year-old Philadelphia man who wrote a “how-to” book on white collar crime while serving a 12-year sentence for armed robbery has been sentenced to a new, long … [Read more...]

Senator Warren: Letting USPS Offer Pay Day Loans And Check Cashing Would End Fraud

The poor pay more. According to a report put out this week by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the U.S. Postal Service, about 68 million Americans -- more than a quarter of all … [Read more...]