John Schwarz is looking to live the good life in Florida on cash retainers from his clients

John M. Schwarz, You Just Screwed Your Clients, What Are You Going To Do Now?

"I'm Moving An Hour From Disney World"   Disgraced Hudson Valley lawyer, John M. Schwarz has officially bought a house in sunny Florida where he plans to relaunch his failing legal career after … [Read More...]

Wells Fargo Forecloses On Elderly Couple…

frightened old lady

Wells Fargo Continues Its Campaign Of Fear On The Elderly   In another example of how disorganized American banking … [Read More...]

Lawsky & NYDFS Preparing To Battle Deutsche Bank Over Libor Rigging

Benjamin Lawsky

Thousands Of New Yorkers Have Lost Their Homes Because Of Libor Manipulation The Superintendent of the New York State … [Read More...]