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Foreclosure Mill Lawyer Goes Nuts After Judge Rules Against Him


“He was trying to send me a message that if you fight the big firm, I’m going to crush you,” -Foreclosure Defense Attorney Bruce Richardson



A hotheaded big shot foreclosure mill lawyer named David Dunn,  a Manhattan partner in the international corporate law firm Hogan Lovells, became so enraged when a Brooklyn judge ruled against his client, Bank of New York-Melon in a foreclosure case that he attacked the opposing attorney Bruce Richardson as he was leaving the court room.

Richardson was representing a homeowner as he was leaving the court room. Dunn allegedly knocked Richardson to the ground and then hit Richardson with his briefcase so hard the injured lawyer needed back surgery. Richardson is now suing Dunn in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

The Ivy League-educated Dunn allegedly knocked Richardson down and then climbed over Richardson while hitting him in the chest and face with his brief case as he rushed to exit the courtroom in March 2013.

Dunn, who appeared to be annoyed that he had to attend the  hearing allegedly stormed out of the court room and assaulted Richardson after a foreclosure referee ruled against his client, Bank of New York-Melon.

The law suit states that a court officer witnessed the incident and according to the New York Post, “The courtroom devolved into chaos as the clerk stood blocking the courtroom doorway and shouted, “You just assaulted that attorney. I saw what you did. You just assaulted that man,” 

Hogan Lovells spokesman Robert Snoddy told the New York Daily News, “These allegations are absolutely without merit. Beyond that we have no further comment.”

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5 thoughts on “Big Shot Foreclosure Mill Lawyer Assaults Homeowner’s Lawyer Inside Court House”

  1. No Photos? They’re white ah?

    Ivy league educated maybe , but like my dad always say, “you cant buy class”

  2. Courts are a farce and only the very well off financially manage to get any “justice” as they can buy it. As for the 2 bottom feeders ( whoops sorry lawyers) are concerned let them punch on just do it outside. The guy who needed back surgery either has no spine or has weal brittle bones, either that or he weighs 300LBs or more and hurt his back falling?

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