Steve Dibert, President

Steve Dibert began his mortgage career in 1998 working as a loan officer of a multistate mortgage broker.  Three years later, he began operating branches for several mortgage brokers and correspondent lenders in Detroit and Northern Michigan.

In late 2006, he relocated to West Palm Beach, Florida where he began securing financing for small businesses and multi-million dollar financing for projects in India and Central America.

In June of 2008, after being asked repeatedly by friends and relatives and their friends to review their mortgage documents for any illegal activity committed by their lender, Steve formed MFI-Miami.

Since its inception, MFI-Miami has become an internationally recognized leader for investigating mortgage fraud, mortgage compliance, predatory lending, mortgage securitization, assignment fraud and robo-signing. Through our offices in West Palm Beach, Florida and Milford, Michigan, MFI-Miami now covers 20 states and it assists clients in Canada, Germany, Great Britain and the United States.

Steve has been interviewed multiple times by Diana Olick of CNBC, ABC News, MLive, Michigan Messenger and The Huffington Post.   He has also contributed to news reports by Al-Jazeera, Der Spiegel, Financial Times-Deutschland, Handelsblatt, Reuters, Korean Broadcasting and NHK in Japan.

An investigation that was done by my company was also featured in a BBC documentary about the “Ghetto Loans” Crisis in Baltimore.

Steve has been profiled in the Boston Herald, The Miami Daily Business Review, The Miami Herald, National Mortgage News, Mortgage Servicing News and on the website The Real Deal. Last year, he was quoted in the German financial magazine, Capital and Der Spiegel about MFI-Miami’s ongoing investigation involving Deutsche Bank and the current foreclosure crisis in the US.

Feel free to contact Steve Dibert at:

888.737.6344 Ext. 701

[email protected]

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